Economic and Governance Indicators across the Continent

Investors need accurate data to inform their decisions of how and where to invest, as well as a stable economic and governmental climate to ensure successful ventures. Good Governance Africa (GGA), a non-profit organization, helps investors by working across Africa to promote better governance through advocacy, research, and public-private partnerships. Join GGA to learn about how their findings are relevant to business decision making on the continent.

GGA will launch the Africa Survey 2018/19, an annual report which provides a comprehensive collection of data on a range of political, economic, and social indicators for all 55 African countries. GGA will also present at this event its first documentary, inspired by its quarterly journal Africa in Fact - cities edition. The documentary breathes life into the facts and figures underlying the developmental challenges faced by Africa's rapidly transforming cities. Africa is home to six of the world's megacities and this ground-breaking documentary offers unique insight into this 21st-century phenomenon and rapid urbanization.


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