Doing Business with MCC

Of MCC's 33 signed compacts, 20 are with African countries, spanning the continent and totaling $7.9 billion in compact investments since MCC's founding. Corporate Council on Africa (CCA) and the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) are collaborating to ensure that U.S. companies (and their local partners in Africa) are fully informed of the significant procurement and business opportunities associated with African MCC compacts.

We are, therefore, pleased to invite CCA members to participate in an event with the MCC's Program Procurement Practice Group and MCA Procurement Directors from Africa region partner countries including Benin, Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, Liberia, Morocco, Niger and Senegal. This specific time has been set aside for CCA members and is a unique opportunity to learn in detail about current and upcoming business opportunities in gas to power, power, renewable energy, capacity building, irrigation, market access, transportation and infrastructure, as well as have one-on-one meetings with MCA Procurement Directors.