Our attendee's health & safety is CCA's top priority.

We will update this page regularly with up-to-date information regarding the Kingdom of Morocco's Travel & Safety guidelines. 

About Morocco

Passengers travelling to Morocco must present a vaccination pass and a negative PCR test result less than 48 hours old before boarding the plane.

It should be noted that all vaccine passes issued by other countries are accepted as long as they are valid in their country of emission.

Before boarding, passengers must present a Public Health Passenger Form, duly completed including the passengers address and two telephone numbers to locate them during their stay.

Upon arrival at airports, you will be asked for proof of negative PCR test. Random PCR tests may also be conducted for several groups of travelers and results will be communicated at a later date.

Within 24-48 hours of your return flight, you may be required to take an additional PCR test. Many hotels will arrange for the test to be taken in your room.

If the tests are positive, other preventive measures will be implemented.

What measures are implemented in case of positive cases?

There are two types of positive cases: normal cases and difficult and critical cases. The people who are positive after their arrival with normal diagnosis will have to observe a sanitary confinement in their place of residence with a careful follow-up. As for difficult cases, they will be taken care of in hospitals, public or private, according to the national protocol in application.

What are the entry requirements to Morocco for children?

There are no entry requirements for children under 6 years of age. For children between 6 and 18 years old, the only requirement is a negative PCR test less than 48 hours old, in addition to a rapid antigen test on arrival.

For children under the age of 12, there are no exit requirements. For children between 12 and 18 years old, a vaccination pass is required. Over 18 years old, they must refer to the protocol defined for adults.

Once You Arrive at the Summit

The Kingdom of Morocco and CCA may require and will enforce that all individuals wear a mask while indoors except while eating and drinking. Masks are not required for outdoor networking activities; however, we encourage you to do what you are most comfortable with.